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Papers and Reports

Economic Risks of the Morrow Pacific Project: Livelihood, Habitat and Recreation. Noah Enelow. March 2014.

The Keystone Pipeline Debate: An Alternative Job Creation Strategy. Kristen Sheeran, Noah Enelow, Jeremy Brecher, and Brendan Smith. November 2013.

The Resilience of Detroit: An Application of the Adaptive Cycle Metaphor to an American Metropolis. Noah Enelow. August 2013.

Cooling the Planet, Clearing the Air: Climate Policy, Carbon Pricing, and Co-Benefits. James K. Boyce and Manuel Pastor. September 2012 Executive Summary

Real People, Real Environments, and Realistic Economics. E3 Network. August 2012

A Good Environment for Jobs. Elizabeth A. Stanton and Matthew Taylor. August 2012.

Socioeconomic Indicators for Fisheries: A Case Study of the Yukon River Salmon Fishery, Sarah Kruse. May 2012.

Epstein-Zin utility in DICE: Is risk aversion irrelevant to climate policy?, Frank Ackerman, Elizabeth A. Stanton, and Ramón Bueno. March 2012.

Development without Carbon as Climate Policy, Elizabeth A. Stanton. January 2012.

Climate Risks and Carbon Prices: Revising the Social Cost of Carbon. Frank Ackerman and Elizabeth A. Stanton. July 2011.

Building the Case for Climate Action: The Role of Economics, Kristen A. Sheeran. April 2011.

Ethics and the Economist: What Climate Change Demands of Us, J.A. Nelson. March 2011.

Climate Damages in the FUND Model: A Disaggregated Analysis, Frank Ackerman and Charles Munitz. March 2011.

Why Do State Emissions Differ So Widely?, Elizabeth A. Stanton, Frank Ackerman, and Kristen A. Sheeran. December 2010.

Game Theory and Climate Diplomacy, Stephen J. DeCanio and Anders Fremstad. October 2010.

Economic Feasibility of the Path to Zero Net Carbon Emissions, Stephen J. DeCanio and Anders Fremstad. October 2010.

A Better Approach to Climate Policy, Elizabeth A. Stanton and Frank Ackerman. August 2010.

Emission Reduction, Interstate Equity, and the Price of Carbon, Elizabeth A. Stanton and Frank Ackerman, August 2010. Executive Summary | Report only | Appendix A | Appendix B | Appendix C

Assessing the Benefits of Avoided Climate Change: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Beyond, Frank Ackerman, Stephen J. DeCanio, Richard B. Howarth, Kristen Sheeran. April 2010.

The Social Cost of Carbon, Frank Ackerman and Elizabeth A Stanton. April 2010.

The Cost of a Warming Arctic, Eban Goodstein, Eugenie Euskirchen, and Henry Huntington. February 2010.

The Economics of 350: The Benefits and Costs of Climate Stabilization, Frank Ackerman, Elizabeth A. Stanton, Stephen J. DeCanio, Eban Goodstein, Richard B. Howarth, Richard B. Norgaard, Catherine S. Norman, Kristen A. Sheeran. October 2009.

Cap and Dividend: A State-by-state Analysis, James K. Boyce & Matthew E. Riddlet. August 2009.

Greenhouse Gases and the American Lifestyle: Understanding Interstate Differences in Emissions, Elizabeth A. Stanton, Frank Ackerman, and Kristen Sheeran. May 2009.

Risk Aversion and CO2 Regulatory Uncertainty in Power Generation Investment: Policy and Modeling Implications, Lin Fan, Benjamin F. Hobbs, and Catherine S. Norman. February 3, 2009.

How Costly is Climate Change Mitigation? A Methodological Critique of the ACCF/NAM Claims, Julie A. Nelson, March 18, 2008.

How Costly Is Climate Change Mitigation? A Methodological Critique of the CRAI Modeling Approach, Nelson, J. A., F. Ackerman, N. Goodwin, and K. Sheeran. March 11, 2008.

Preliminary Insights on Tennessee's Energy Productivity Gain John, A. 'Skip' Laitner. August 14, 2008.

Energy Productivity: Efficiency Benefits for Both the Ohio Economy and the Global Climate”, John A. 'Skip' Laitner. April 14, 2008.

Economic and Policy Conditions Necessary to Foster Sustainable Farming and Food Systems: U.S. Policies and Lessons from the European Union, Thomas L. Dobbs. March 27, 2008.

Energy Productivity: Critical Benefits for Both the Montana Economy and the Global Climate, John A. 'Skip' Laitner. March 19, 2008.