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E3 Network Newsletter, 09/20/14

E3 Network’s Future Economy Initiative Case Studies, 06/10/14

Sheeran: Calling Out the Delayers, McClatchy-Tribune News Service, 5/27/14.
Also in: Miami Herald, Sacramento Bee, Metro West Daily News, Merced Sun Star, Henderson KY Gleaner, Milford Daily News.

Where Should the Divestors Invest?, CommonDreams, 5/17/14

Climate Change and Resilience: Interview with Kristen Sheeran, Al Jazeera TV, 5/05/14

Study Tallies Economic Risks Of Oregon Coal Export Project, OPB EarthFix, 3/20/14

Fixing old water and gas pipelines would create far more jobs than building Keystone XL, Huffington Post, 1/24/14

Want To Create Jobs? Reject Keystone XL and Get To Work Fixing What's Broken, Common Dreams, 1/24/14

Fixing old water and gas pipelines would create far more jobs than building Keystone XL, Grist, 1/23/14

Our Misplaced, Undemocratic Budget Priorities: The Case of Keystone XL, Truth Out, 1/18/14

Dr. Kristen Sheeran to take questions about your proposals for E3 Network’s Future Economy Initiative during conference call on Jan 20th, 01/13/14

New E3 report shows that replacing failing infrastructure in Keystone XL states creates more and better jobs than proposed pipeline, 11/19/13

E3 Network requests proposals for an analytical framework to evaluate impacts of new economy models, and to document the variables contributing to their emergence, success, and limitations, E3 Network, 10/15/13

The Bottom Line: A New Economy, Econ4, 7/12/13

Ignoring climate change hurts economy, The Press of Atlantic City, 2/14/13

Sheeran: Hold Obama to his climate promise, Newsday, 2/11/13

Joseph Stiglitz and the World Economic Forum: Making the connection between climate change and economics, Huffington Post, 1/24/13

New Study: Overfishing costs Southeast and Gulf regions millions per year, Huffington Post, 9/4/12

Overfishing has hurt the Gulf's economy, report says, Houston Chronicle (TX), 9/4/12

Southeast suffered millions in economic losses from overfishing, Fly Rod & Reel Magazine, 9/4/12

Study says fishing limits working for red snapper, Pensacola News Journal (FL), 9/4/12

Keep the tap closed on Nestle, The Oregonian, 2/12/12

Do individual acts help save the planet?, The New York Times, 9/14/11

New Report: CO2 emissions cost way more than you think, Mother Jones, 8/3/11

What’s the real cost of not investing in clean energy?, Grist, 7/22/11

OR group recalculates "dollars and sense" of carbon pollution, Public News Service, 7/14/11

Economists find flaws in federal estimate of climate damage, The Daily Climate, 7/18/11

Economists urge honest accounting of carbon’s true costs, Forbes, 7/15/11

Administration grossly underestimatedcarbon cost, says study, The New York Times, 7/15/11

Oregon group recalculates the dollars and sense of carbon pollution, Public News Service, 7/14/11

Economics and the Environment: Interview with Kristen Sheeran, Metroscope podcast, 6/27/11

Climate policy for conservatives, Grist, 5/24/11

Pricing carbon to reduce emissions, create dividends, Miller-McCune, 5/19/11

Building the economic case for climate action, Grist, 5/3/11

The social cost of carbon, Miller-McCune, 2/15/11

Reheating the climate change story, The Guardian, 1/30/11

Spotlight Cancun: Kyoto Protocol post mortem, Truthout, 12/8/10

Cancún and the new economics of climate change, The Guardian, 11/30/10

Is the U.S. government underestimating the cost of climate change?, Scientific American, 11/16/10

California’s landmark climate law: Job killer or creator?, Grist, 9/17/10

A climate policy for people, Providence Journal, 9/9/10

How to build a better climate policy, Truthout, 8/24/10

A climate policy for people and the environment, Grist, 8/16/10

Economists’ report argues for big rebates as way to quell carbon-price impact worries, Electric Utility Week, 8/23/10

The cost of reducing greenhouse gases, 89.3 KPCC S. California Public Radio, 8/23/10

How to build a better climate policy, TripleCrisis, 8/23/10

How to build a better climate policy, The Oregonian, 8/22/10

The social cost of carbon, Washington Post, 6/1/10

India on reducing Carbon emissions – An Economic Development perspective, World Business & Economy Review, 5/28/10

What is the social cost of carbon?, Grist, 4/23/10

Will an SEC ruling convert short-term greed into long-term sustainability?, Grist, 4/21/10

The problem with a green economy: economics hates the environment, Grist, 4/8/10

U.S. economists fear setting social carbon cost may go astray, EcoSeed, 4/6/10

Putting a price tag on the melting ice caps, TIME, 4/3/10

What Is the right price for carbon?, Scientific American, 4/2/10

Coming out of Copenhagen, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 12/18/09

Cap & Trade: A critical look at carbon trading, Democracy Now, 12/15/09

Mitigation costs below three percent of GDP, United Nations Climate Change Conference, 10/27/09

We can afford to save the planet, Washington Post, 10/23/09

Cost of climate change: Pay now, or pay a lot more later, United Nations Climate Change Conference, 10/8/09

We can afford to save the planet, MichaelMoore.com, 10/23/09

The economic case for slashing carbon emissions, Yale Environment 360, 10/20/09

Stable climate still affordable, Reuters, 10/16/09

Weekly Mulch: Obama's Nobel Prize, Huffington Post, 10/9/09

Weekly Mulch: Obama's Nobel Prize, The Media Consortiuum, 10/9/09

Econ 350: Can we still afford to save the climate? Climate Progress, 10/8/09

Econ 350: Can we still afford to save the climate? The Energy Collective, 10/8/09

Eight leading economists consider 350ppm achievable, 350.org, 10/6/09

The economics of 350, Grist, 10/6/09

Economists say deep cuts to greenhouse gas won't mean deep cuts to economy, 89.3 KPCC (S. Cal Public Radio), 10/6/09

Economists say heading off climate disaster now would be affordable, KABC-TV (Los Angeles), 10/6/09

New report details costs of cutting greenhouse gas emissions, The Washington Post, 10/6/09

Climate costs: Can the world really afford to roll back carbon emissions?, Wall Street Journal, 10/6/09

Economists join to say: We can afford a world climate policy, Earth Times, 10/6/09

New report urges quick, aggressive action to stem carbon emissions, The Oregonian, 10/5/09

The economics of climate stabilization, New York Times, 10/2/09

Climate change Issue takes center stage, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 10/1/09

Can the U.S. afford cap-and-trade?, Renewable Energy World, 5/28/09

Climate bill too critical to water down, Columbia Daily Tribune, 5/26/09

Navigating the fog of climate policy, The New York Times, 5/22/09

Toward a new U.S. energy policy, San Diego Union-Tribune, 5/22/09

California's greenhouse gas emissions may be low because of energy efficiency, 89.3 KPCC (S Cal. Public Radio), 5/21/09

New Web site reports greenhouse gas emissions, MSN Money, 5/21/09

Web site challenges cap-and-trade critics, Sustainable Industries, 5/21/09

Group of economists bands together on climate change, KABC-TV (Los Angeles), 5/21/09

Everybody talks about climate change, but what can we do about it?, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 5/21/09

New Web site reports greenhouse gas emissions, Portland Business Journal, 5/21/09

New Web site reports greenhouse gas emissions, Triangle Business Journal (Raleigh / Durham, NC), 5/21/09

The 'patriotic' duty of imposing a tax on carbon, Wall Street Journal, 5/21/09

Economists launch website on the effects of climate change, The Oregonian, 5/21/09

Web site challenges cap-and-trade critics, Sustainable Industries Magazine, 5/21/09

Economics for Dummies, Willamette Week, 5/20/09

Hot Box: Economist Kristen Sheeran, KGW-TV (live interview, Portland), 5/20/09

The cost of climate inaction, Washington Post Op-Ed (from Sheeran), 5/5/09